My name is Nikki, currently I am a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire majoring in nutrition and wellness. My goal is to get my master’s in nutrition and wellness and possibly continuing to get my P.A. degree. In addition to my education, I intend to get certified as both a wellness coach and as a personal trainer. My dream is to someday own a health studio; a facility that includes a gym, a spa/sauna area, a Pilates and yoga/meditation studio, and an educational environment based on a cliental interested in learning more about being healthy and staying active.

As a former athlete, I believe that staying active is a huge component to over all health. In highschool I played on four varsity sport teams and after suffering from a knee replacement injury, I learned that proper training and healthy habits can affect your athletic ability. The human body is capable of so much. By creating a healthy lifestyle I believe you are capable of setting goals and achieving them. Once you find that balance and adopt healthy habits you can achieve the seven dimensions of wellness and live life with a fuller prosperity.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this site is not intended for use as a dieting guide. Posts are of my opinion and articles I’ve found from other bloggers or news sites.  If you are looking for weight-loss or weight-management consult your physician before starting any diet.


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