“Our bodies are our gard…

A model life

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”
William Shakespeare

From the cayenne pepper diet to the Atkin’s diet– why is the word “diet” so glamorized? As Americans we spend an average of over $1 billion combined yearly on weight-loss supplements and diet plans. But is all of this money spent to achieve this “social norm” necessary?

There is no right answer. However, the intention of this blog is to inform you about the possible side effects of fad diets. I not only will be updating my followers about the diet books I read, but I will be self-experimenting a couple of these newly trending diets. Dieting not only affect your physical state, but they affects all other areas of wellness; including mental, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, and environmental factors.

I will be researching archives and comparing fad diets with national health guidelines as well as exploiting both the positive and negative side effects of each. In addition to side effects I’ll also be posting inspirational quotes and glamorizing the effect that a balanced diet and lifestyle’s impact have on health and over all well-being.